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Since the early 18th century pupillage has been a crucial element in the training of the young Bar. Other education requirements for those who aspire to practice have come and gone (indeed in the late 19th century they seem to have disappeared altogether) but pupillage has remained the key to attaining the high standards of professionalism for which the English Bar is renowned.

Thirteen Old Square respects and values this tradition and plays a full role in offering effective pupillages to those recently called.

Pupils will usually be pupilled to an individual Pupil Supervisor for a period of four months. Pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in all aspects of chambers life and to gain experience in as wide a range of work as possible. Work with an individual Pupil Supervisor will be supported where appropriate by seminars and group meetings, and with advocacy and drafting exercises.

Thirteen Old Square presently has six registered Pupil Supervisors: Peter Castle, Stephen Lloyd, Michael Jefferis, Mark Watson-Gandy, Jonathan DC Turner, and Richard Devereux-Cooke .

Jonathan DC Turner specialises in Intellectual Property, Peter Castle has extensive experience in company, commercial and international work. Stephen Lloyd, Michael Jefferis, Mark Watson Gandy and Richard Devereux-Cooke have broad general chancery practices with a strong emphasis on litigation. Mark Watson Gandy is an arbitrator, Peter Castle, Stephen Lloyd, Jonathan DC Turner and Richard Devereux-Cooke are accredited mediators. Stephen Lloyd is an experienced advocacy trainer; he has been a member of the faculty of Middle Temple Advocacy since its inception and has special responsibility for teacher training and the NPP civil course. Richard Devereux-Cooke is also an advocacy trainer with Middle Temple.

Thirteen Old Square does not regard pupillage as simply a preamble to tenancy but as a contribution to the profession. An offer of pupillage therefore does not imply that vacancies for tenancy will be available for any or all pupils at the conclusion of their pupillage. Pupils will, however, be informed of any proposals to recruit from pupillage and will be given an opportunity to compete on equal terms for any places on offer.

For further information on pupillage at Thirteen Old Square, please see our Information for Pupils on our recruitment page.

If you would like to appy for pupillage please download our Application Form.

Please note for compatibility purposes it is recommend that you right click on the Application Form link and choose "Save target as..." then open the document directly from your computer.

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